Checking Abstinence from Unsecured Debt

by One Recovering Debtor., September 7, 2004

I am one recovering debtor.

For me I like to keep it simple, and each day ask myself 5 basic
questions to check my abstinence from incurring new unsecured debt:

  1. Did I use a credit card (mine or anyone elses)
  2. Did I conduct a debit transaction for which there are insufficient
    funds (I no longer write personal checks).
  3. Did I take goods or services without paying in full
  4. Did I borrow money without giving collateral (something of at least equal value)
  5. Are any bills late

    If I answer yes to one of these questions, I have lost my abstinence
    and I call my sponsor and get to a meeting, immediately.

    Some of my da friends read the signs together or on the phone as a check in. We take turns asking ourselves the question ..
    When was the last time I (fill in sign)?

    Another thing some of us do is look at the tools, and see how we are doing, asking questions for each:

    What is my abstinence date in DA?
    What is my home group? When was my last meeting? My next meeting?
    Where is my recording book, am I up to date on my tally?
    What service do I do at the personal, group, intergroup,
    What step am I writing on?
    When is my next meeting with my sponsor?

    Thanks for the topic