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Get Out of Debt
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Games Creditors Play

by Diane Conlinn, March 21, 2001

Just like games that people play in general with money, our creditors play games with us as well:
1. Fast Cash
2. Easy Payments
3. No payments for 6 months
4. 1.9% interest
5. Easy terms
6. Anyone can have credit
7. Slash your debt in half
8. A new credit rating in a day

1. Fast Cash--Implying that all we have to do is ask and these magnanimous people will give us oodles of money, and it's just there in a second. That's right it gets there quickly and may take years and years to repay.
2. Easy Payments, Well this is an interesting viewpoint. And it's easy for them to say, but add those payments up, or be late one month, and those payments become downright hard.
3. No payments for 6 months--That's right no payments for 6 months, and then we sock it to you with high interest, high payments, you'll be sorry.
4. 1.9% interest, wow that sounds great, except that interest rate doesn't apply to transfers, or there are special cases galore, and thus you get 1.9% interest but only on a few things, and then you see in the fine print, this is an introductory rate, and three months down the road, the interest balloons to 24.99%
5. Easy Terms: The terms are easy but for whom, usually the creditor. One of my favorites. Oh yes we'll give you credit; oh yes you'll pay forever.<toothy grin>
6. Anyone can have credit: You know I find this kind of insulting. Anyone can have credit even, we slime tooth, nose picking slobs, poor excuse for human beings, unemployed, bankrupt, foreclosed upon creeps.
7. Slash your debt in half. This truthfully isn't exactly the creditors, but these "credit counseling agencies" who get their money from how much they collect from you for the creditors, and how much money they save the debtors from paying the creditors.
8. A new credit rating in a day: This is usually by having you apply for a new social security number under a fictitious name, and guess what, it's called fraud, and yes folks, it is illegal, no matter what they say.

And just for a freebie while I'm on it. Those schemes where they tell you to put your name on a list and you'll get money. Within two or three levels the number of people on those kinds of lists get to be more than the people of the face of the earth, and it is also called mail fraud.

Try paying off your debts, by going to cash, setting a spending plan, and learning to live within your means building savings for emergencies and for future plans. Now that is the way to gain money in the end.

I am not a lawyer, thus, if you have questions, about this please check with your attorney. Thanks.